Why Logos Matter on Your Corporate Apparel

college graphics for t-shirtIt is often said that the little things in life are what matter most. In business, sometimes this is truer than anything else. Take corporate branding for instance. It is a necessary evil. You want to set yourself apart from the competition, and as such you develop a logo to do this. Over time, the idea is that your logo can grow as your brand develops further. There is a tendency to focus on minutia, however, when it comes to effective logo use.

For instance, most corporations will provide business cards for their employees that have their company logo prominently displayed. They might even provide a clipboard or a notebook that is branded with their company logo. Often times, you will see them carrying pens that have the company logo branded on the side. Yet in all this, they forget the most important part of the equation, corporate apparel.

Some Prospective Corporate Apparel Branding

Why in the world would you go to the trouble of placing your logo on everything imaginable and yet neglect your corporate apparel? Well for some, the answer is they are above that. I actually understand that line of reasoning. Typically, the president of a Fortune 500 company does not go around wearing their company logo to board meetings and such, or do they? Google the top Fortune 500 companies and see what their CEOs wear. You might be surprised.

Putting your logo on your corporate apparel is essential for this reason. It is the only piece of corporate material that is a constant company billboard. Now granted, certain companies have trucks with their brand, however they also provide their employees with a branded shirt as well. This is a great way to get exposure for your company and raise awareness when they call on customers. Perhaps you think it is too expensive?

Think of it like this. How much money do you think you would have to spend for an advertisement that would reach hundreds or thousands of people per day? Now whatever that number is, ask yourself how much money it would take to brand 30 corporate shirts and give them to your employees to wear as they conduct their business during the work week. Often times these employees go out for lunch, they have to stop at the grocery store on the way home, or they are waiting at a bus stop, etc. You get the idea. You are paying for a walking billboard that will raise brand awareness and do so in one of the most efficient means imaginable.

For sales teams, branded corporate apparel is a must. Over time, your clients will get to know your salesperson, but should that person go on vacation or their territory be moved, a new employee might get stuck at the front of your client’s building being screened out by the receptionist/gatekeeper. You don’t want business getting stuck like that. A simple fix of a corporate branded shirt is all that it takes for them to be instantly recognized and accepted. That’s a pretty small price to pay to keep the wheels of commerce moving wouldn’t you agree?

At the end of the day, there is simply no good reason as to why you should not have your corporate apparel branded with your company logo. It provides a constant walking billboard, allows your staff to be easily recognized when they approach current and prospective clients, and can even be passed down from staff person to staff person as sizes change or employee turnover occurs. Branding your corporate apparel with your logo is one of the most cost-effective means of reaching a large audience and sets you apart from the competition in the long run.

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